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Pür Joy Yoga opens in the heart of Los Feliz

Updated: May 8, 2022

There was one moment that night, where there was utter silence for a few seconds. That collective silence was the prayer.

The vibration was one of deep joy, that inexhaustible and radical expression of it. Vicarious Joy really. Muditā!

That deep feeling of pleasure comes from delighting in other people’s well-being.

The traditional example of this mind-state is the attitude of a parent observing a growing child’s well-being and accomplishments.

There is a sweet ache of being alive, said my teacher and storyteller Mark Nepo during a recent retreat I attended. He continued, “one modern illness of the world is the thinking that we can make it on our own”.

There is a Buddhist teaching that says we are all each other’s mother. We are all mothering.

As Pür Joy Yoga leans into the unknown with mothering an idea that came to fruition after months of intentional work, we stride confidently. With the undoubtedly beautiful support of friends, family, and community this path will be less tedious.

The smiles and this elated sense of well-being are what we are about. Of acknowledging the sweet ache of being alive but not losing sight of the dulce nectar. Those around us who make this life worth living. Those moments complement the hardship and suffering. We here are tipping the scale towards love. Of togetherness and collective ness.

Pür Joy is as much about communal healing as an individual. Whether you pick a path of therapeutic yoga, somatic work, attend a workshop, or a sound bath, the journey is yours to soak in the heart of Los Angeles.

Here we are, one foot forward, day by day, walking this path together.



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