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Yoga for the Immune System

Thursday ZOOM Sessions

  • 55 minutes
  • From 8 US dollars
  • Zoom Sessions

Service Description

Our December series will focus on the immune system. This four-week series will help kickstart your at-home practice or help you dig deeper into the subtleties of an immune system focused practice. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner in need of a micro-discipline, this series is for you. Armen Menechyan is a somatic and yoga therapist and will be guiding these 55 minute sessions. He enjoys teaching from an embodied and relevant place, so he will take his current practice and collective experience and incorporate them in these sessions meant to bring peace, ease and well being to the heart and mind. Dates: December 7, 14, 21 and 28 We will investigate movements connected to breath focused primarily on the health of your lymphatic system. Yoga asana and carefully selected micromovements will assist in the flow of lymph and relieve lymphatic congestion. Week I - Accessing Life Force through Groin & Hips Our investigation will begin with a focus on the lower body feet, legs, inner groin & pelvis. The upward moving energy known as prana, translated to life force, will be accessed with some supine and standing postures. With the intention of bringing this practice to real life situations as we make choices from a place of centered and present awareness, our session will focus on getting theinguinal lymphatic juices flowing around the groin. Week II and III: Listening & Looking Deeper Within (The Gut & Heart) We will review some of the foundational work from the week prior and investigate the importance of the gut and core. You can expect some light core work and twists to help you strengthen core. If you want to boost immunity, look to the gut. 70% of the immune system is located in the region. Moreover, we'll focus on the practice of loving kindness and how a love practice can help strengthen the immune system. Expect some backbends on top of all the love. Week IV: Soft Jaw The glands on either side of the neck, under the jaw, or behind the ears commonly swell when you have a cold or sore throat. The movements this day will in turn help stimulate the lymph centers of the chest, armpit, neck and jaw region. To make these sessions accessible, we are offering a sliding scale. Pay it forward will get you a session and will give the studio the ease to offer the sessions at a very reduced state.

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Cancellation Policy

Within 24 hours of cancellation class credit can be applied to your next session. Full session fee will be charged for cancellations after this time frame and for no-show clients. Exceptions may be made for emergencies.

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Pür Joy Yoga, Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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