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I am a Los Angeles native with deep cultural roots and ties to Armenia. The intersectionality of my many identities come to play when we are together. Learning, activism, love, connection, the human mind, ancient eastern practices and our collective capacity for goodness inspire me. 

My love affair with the practices of yoga and meditation began in 2002. It continues to take new form and evolve.  Beyond the 500 hours of yoga training, I continue my inquiry and investigation with teachers who think outside the confines of rigid lineages. I have found the therapeutic benefits of this practice worthwhile and I use it as a framework for group and one-on-one classes.

A transformative monthlong silent retreat in Nepal set the foundations for my mindfulness and meditation practice. As a facilitator and former school educator, mindful awareness is the backbone of my sessions, which I aim to make informative, interactive and learner-centered. In 2016, I co-founded a yoga and meditation initiative, Stega: A Perfect Union, which was piloted in Armenia. The project introduced self-care, wellness and mindfulness practices to activists and social change-makers serving in organizations including, but not limited to, Peace Corps Armenia, the United Nations, Pink Armenia, Women's Resource Center, and Children of Armenia Fund (COAF).


As an educator, I find value in fully trusting the organic process of learning. Play, vulnerability and inquiry are incorporated in our sessions in a way where it empowers the student to explore their own path.  By scaffolding dharma and asana for all level practitioners, my intention is to permit the learner to practice outside the confines of rigid rules, with a deep encouragement to permit the body and mind for as much flexibility and fluidity.


I bring my two palms together to all those who came before me and all those who continue to teach me, recognizing that I am merely delivering practices that help access the body-mind wisdom present in all of us who are willing to explore it.

May we awaken and grow together.

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©2020 by Armen Menechyan

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