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About Pür Joy Classes

If you are here it means that traditional modes of mind-body healing have brought you to this very place and moment. Often it is the healing of the heart and spirit that helps you integrate into your wholeheartedness, your place of Pür Joy.


To see clearly and slowly release the effects of social conditioning, trauma and the grip of addictive patterns require both discipline and play. Freeing the mind-body and realizing that joy and love is your birthright. Feeling safe and at ease begins with dedicating time and space for you.


Participants get to choose between 50 or 80 minute sessions.

About The Pür Joy Space

The space is designed to allow individuals to arrive into an explorative, playful, and contemplative mindset rooted in the science of yoga and somatics, to help connect with the joy center. 

Our space has the proper tools, resources, equipment that will allow for individuals to feel safe and welcomed during the duration of their practice.

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Free parking is provided for students.

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