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Divination + Healing

A family style coffee reading ceremony 


Facilitated by Ani Carla Kalafian,
Co-founder of @mertachar

You are invited to join us at our first soulful meditation and divination session! A two hour assemblage where you surrender your physical, mental and emotional tensions and elevate your vibrational frequencies to Armen's guided meditation followed by a very intimate, family style coffee reading ceremony with Ani. 


Ani Carla Kalafian is a Coffee Reading Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Communications Specialist. She is extremely passionate about culture, the arts, wellness, and bringing people together to work toward a fulfilling cause.


Trained in the modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing, she brings the combination of sharing intuitive information, deep wisdom through symbols and signs, psychometry, and channeling spirit into everything she puts her energy into.

Reading coffee is an ancestral practice that is deeply embedded in her family and heritage. It’s a major part of her spiritual offerings and is a personal honor to keep this traditional ritual alive as an act of cultural preservation. During the coffee reading ceremony, the seekers will be setting intentions together as Ani brews the coffee, drinking in a circle with a metaphysically motivated conversation. Each individual will receive a highlight reading of 8-10 minutes.

Included: Coffee, Armenian Gata, Grounding Meditation, Individual Readings and Heartful Moments

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It was such a joy and so appropriately described to attend Pur Joy for the Coffee Divination with Ani and Armen!


The studio was filled with warm beautiful energy! It was an oasis from the everyday grind where I didn’t even think about outside life during that time.


I could be fully present and receive so much insight that was perfectly on point! I learned from others as well. I went home and told 3 of my friends right away that want to experience the joy and insightful journey I had in a short period of time.


Thank you again so much Ani and Armen for your energy and light! Sending love light and energy right back to you!

Janeczka Lee, participant

Studio Location

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