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two queer men laying next to each other

Community + Healing

A place to unite, not divide


Facilitated by Armen Menechyan,
Founder of Pür Joy Yoga.

A space to reclaim our birthright that is joy. At Pür Joy we will co-create the space we need and community we yearn for. Guest speakers will facilitate sessions and creator of Pür Joy will open and close these wholehearted sessions with breathwork or meditation.


Come as you are.


Be held and hold.


Hear and be heard.


See and be seen.


We want to make sure that this event is accessible to all folks in our community. Pay what you can. Your presence is more important than your financial contribution. This is a donation based monthly session ONLY for the LGBTQ+ community

photo of a queer person with a rainbow light over his face

What. A. Lovely. Evening. Thank you for leading and thank you for making space for queers to sit in the contemplation of pride. It was a gift to just be asked that question, ‘what does pride mean to you?’


I haven’t thought about that much in the last few years… err, maybe decade. And the idea and symbol of pride kept coming back to me, not the events of a single weekend. Embodying the tenets of what pride means to me is what I want to do more and more— be a living monument for those who came before, those living in the moment, and those who have yet to know.


I will be registering for future evenings.

Nathan Tylutki, participant

Hatha yoga participant

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