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Sound Bath + Meditation

Find balance in mind, body, and spirit


Facilitated by Maria Alaverdyan,
Yoga Teacher @insighttimer 

A crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes, to lull you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. 


Come as you are. Come with curiosity and leave with connections. The intention behind our sound baths at Pür Joy is to soothe the nervous system and have a collective experience. Connection is at the core of our space here and we can not wait to welcome you home.


There will be an opening and closing ceremony and meditation led by Armen Menechyan. The sound bath will be led by Maria Alaverdyan, a certified yoga teacher, who found a deep interest in the healing properties of crystal bowl sound baths in her own healing and cleaning of energetic pathways. We will have some tea for you after the sound bath as we sit around and see and hear each other. Participating verbally is fully optional. 


A way to balance physical, emotional and mental bodies and restore a sense of harmony this experience is recommended for all bodies. 


Note: sound baths may not be recommended during pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures, or some mental health conditions. This experience may cause discomfort in people with hearing aids or hearing impairment.


I am so glad I found the full moon sound bath experience at Pür Joy with Armen & Maria.


Both times I’ve gone, Armen was so welcoming & made me feel at ease before we dove into our meditation. His peacefulness is palpable & filled the room before Maria began playing her singing bowls.


I’ve experienced many sound baths & guided meditations, but there is something special about the energy that fills the room at Pür Joy & I want to continue to bask in it for as long as it’s offered!

Carsen Greene, participant


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