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Experience Pür Joy

At Pür Joy Yoga, the intention is simple. Here we remind you that joy is innate and unconditional. Pür Joy is inexhaustible and within you at all times. We work together to discover a path of ease through various movement practices and breathwork to uncover the deep rooted tensions that may manifest as pain, discomfort or illness in your body. In our one-on-one heartful and therapeutic sessions, we aim to heighten sensory awareness and with time, release physical tension and discomfort in the body through working with muscle and fascia, locating pain, trigger points and energy which may be stuck in your joints, tissues and organs. This is the core of somatics. Understanding that modern day burnout and chronic fatigue deplete our life force, we center the importance of deep rest and working with emotional authenticity. At Pür Joy your physical, mental and spiritual wellness matter. We also host various community events and we are very happy to offer them on a sliding scale to offer accessibility to all who seek and to be in community. We are a queer-owned business located in the heart of Los Feliz in sunny Los Angeles. And, all are welcome here.


What We Offer


Somatic and yoga therapy for emotional and physical well-being.


Virtual yoga, meditation and somatics in the comfort of your living or work space.


Community Events

The power of community care and healing through diverse events. 


What inspires the creator of Pür Joy?

Creator of this community and therapeutic space, Armen Menechyan is a 800-hour+ certified yoga therapy practitioner  specializing in yoga therapy and somatic practices, as well as meditation. Deeply passionate about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, the special touch he brings to this practice is felt from his solid knowledge of anatomy, energetics, the subtle body, and the human mind. ​


Armen is from LA and loves to spend his free time being carried by the warm embrace of mother nature and believes strongly in the power of human connection and the common thread that runs through us all. Learning, writing, activism, music, dancing, love, the human mind, ancient eastern practices and his puppy Coconut, as well as, the collective capacity for goodness inspire him. 


His practice is multifaceted and creating this space post-pandemic in an effort to bring us all together for both individual and community care was a dream turned to reality.  As a learner and truth seeker, he finds value in fully trusting the organic process of inquiry and contemplation. Play, dialogue, vulnerability and investigation are incorporated in the sessions he offers in a way where it empowers you to explore and chart your own path.  


By scaffolding dharma and asana for all level practitioners, his  intention is to permit you to practice outside the confines of rigid rules, with a deep encouragement to permit your body and mind for as much flexibility and fluidity as you are ready to allow in the here and now.​

1910 Hillhurst Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 428-5712


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