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About the Space

At Pür Joy Yoga, the intention is simple. Here we remind you that joy is innate and unconditional. Pür Joy is inexhaustible and within you at all times. We work together to discover a path of ease through various movement practices and breathwork to uncover the deep rooted tensions that may manifest as pain, discomfort or illness in your body. In these heartful and therapeutic sessions, we aim to heighten sensory awareness and with time, release physical tension and discomfort in the body through working with muscle and fascia, locating pain, trigger points and energy which may be stuck in your joints, tissues and organs. This is the core of somatics. Understanding that modern day burnout and fatigue deplete our life force, this we center the importance of deep rest. At Pür Joy, your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness matter. We are a queer-owned business located in the heart of Los Feliz in sunny Los Angeles. All are welcome here.

purjoy yoga studio space


Downward Dog

Book a 50 or 80-minute private session and choose your journey. 

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Group sessions are focused on individual & community healing. Come be seen and heard.

Indoor Yoga


Special monthly events with skilled teachers  aim to connect us all. 

About the Owner

Creator of this community space, Armen Menechyan is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher who has completed over 300 additional hours in therapeutic and somatic practices, as well as mindfulness-based meditation practices. Deeply passionate about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, the special touch he brings to this practice is felt from his solid knowledge of anatomy, alignment, and the human mind. 


As a former middle school educator in Barcelona and in Los Angeles since 2005 with a Masters of Arts in Education from Columbia University, it was in search of his own healing of chronic physical pain that he left his career and pursued a contemplative life. A life of ease, joy and reducing suffering is how he chooses to live. 

Armen has been practicing yoga since 2002 and began teaching in 2015, after completing a monthlong silent retreat at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. He has co-launched a self-care initiative in the country of his origin for human rights activists, served as a psychological first aid volunteer at shelters during war in Armenia, and has organized numerous LGBTQ+ fundraisers. His practice is multifaceted and very elated to create this space post-pandemic in an effort to bring us all together for individual and community healing.

armen menechyan posing

1910 Hillhurst Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 428-5712


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