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Mindfulness Mondays began as an experimental idea. I wanted to bring my years of experience in training, facilitation and education, and eastern contemplative practices to serve my communities. We come together to delve into topics of joy, happiness, anger, blame, resentment, love, kindness and social justice. The sessions have evolved into so much more than I could have ever imagined. Each session is different, as participants bring their own experience in a way that connects to these old teachings in such a beautiful way. There is a different theme each month. Our main intent is to practice vulnerability, love, communication through collective inquiry.


Mindfulness Monday courses are currently on hold


What all sessions share in common:

an opening meditation practice

reading based on the weekly theme

small and big group discussions

a closing practice



Healing is a community effort. To be seen and to be heard, non-judgmentally, is vital during our sessions. Each monthly gathering requires your three-week commitment.  Part of the journey is committing to yourself and to those who show up to do this work with you. Optional daily meditation sits at the leisure of your own time and minimal reading assignments help those who are interested in delving deeper, to go deeper. If you are new to this, the good news is, you can not mess it up. 

Come as you are. You are enough!

Financial assistance available

for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC in need.


"Armen has a captivating aura of peace and understanding that he brings to all his classes. In the two courses I've taken with Armen, I have seen development not only in myself but my classmates to be more vulnerable, open and honest with themselves and one another. Armen really widened my perspective of what meditation and mindfulness can mean and how it impacts our daily lives."



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