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Cultivating a Wholehearted Practice!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Why consistently showing up matters?

It is no secret that showing up for self and for others is one of my secret ingredients to a wholehearted and full life. In my work as a facilitator and educator of over fifteen years, I aim to guide sessions with one overarching intention. That is to create a space where folks can be seen and be heard non-judgementally.

To show up knowing that in that present moment I can be authentically who I am. And, over time, this adds richness to a community. Bringing vulnerability and courage into a community, not only helps individuals but the community as a whole.

As it stands, this intentional approach also works when I work with clients one-on-one doing somatic work, therapeutic yoga, meditation, and breathwork. If one enters a room and immediately feels safe, the body and mind follow. To create safety within a body that has suffered illness, physical or emotional injury or trauma is the entry point to healing. Healing the body, mind and of course the heart.

During a recent monthlong virtual meditation series during our second meeting, I asked participants to write down one motivating factor that helped them sit into meditation independently. Considering that many in the group may have not have done so, the question was followed with a suggestion to shamelessly admit to not sitting. This invitation encourages one to give voice to many.

That one “setback” mustn’t be a reason to stop showing up. To stop trying. To continue, with consistency, and try over and again until it sticks. And, if it does not, to really consider if the practice is serving the client at this moment in time.

Showing up matters! Small steps are where the money is at. Little actions are really big. Just like muscle growth does not happen in a day or two, building a sustainable and healing yoga or meditation practice takes time. Sometimes it’s simply showing up and saying, “I am here!” That is wholehearted. That is authentically showing up.

Imperfect, but there!

Stay tuned for more virtual courses and in person events.

The most recent course included an investigation of a mindfulness practice aimed to bring a foundational understanding of the meditation practices. We sat for 5-7 minutes after a brief hello and check in. The aim was to bring some ease and consistency to your practice by choosing a practice schedule that is most realistic and sustainable for you.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this is for you.

Online Sessions were 20 minutes.

This course was designed for the overthinkers and the busy brains. For those who think meditation is not for them. This virtual meet up is meant to be easy and not another grand task.



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