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4 Reasons Why Taking Time Off Matters

Updated: Jan 24

Hear me out. Are you a hard working executive, creative, entrepreneur or simply a human that has a hard time taking some time off?

You must step off the hamster wheel that is your life every once in a while, especially if your work is demanding. As much as you enjoy doing what you do, irregardless of how financially lucrative the time you put into said labor, there comes a point where working is no longer nourishing for the soul and it matters not how nourishing it is for your pockets, your health matters more. In my experience, the executives and creatives who I have worked with have a very difficult time taking some time off. There is this false illusion that the corporation can not function without them. Or, for the creative who yet has not mastered the beauty of rest and doing nothing, falsely believes that some time off will set them months and years behind on their dreams and projects.

Do you agree with me on this? Is this you? No, is a perfectly great answer and you can stop reading now.

Ok, so let us say you are the exec who has no issue to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it. You wake up every morning and get your energy juice, coffee, etc. Let us assume you have a nutrient dense diet too. You may even go to the costly gym to get the juices flowing before you show up to the office or your desk at home. Day in and day out. You earn all this money and you spend exorbitant amounts to just maintain a level of health so you can keep going.

Is it worth it? Yes is a correct answer!

And, let us say you have the acupuncturist and therapist and a support team that keeps you ticking. Your organic and natural, fresh squeezed juices add up, but it does not matter. The monthly subscriptions plenty, restaurant bills at almost $500 a week and you still have some left over after mortgage and rent have been paid. You may or may not be cooking and connecting with your food anymore. Massage therapy once a week or biweekly. I have been there too.

Where am I going with all of this is? Have you taken a moment to see how much preventative work needs to be done in order to maintain a lifestyle that is based on acquiring, material gain and maintenance of a lifestyle that may be so draining to the soul.

When all is said and done, what is the state of your emotional wellness?

Are you content?

When and if you do take some time away is it to connect to self and the natural world around you?

Are you able to lay off the coffee and the workout during that week or two off? Shut the laptop off completely? Not check your finances?

Before my questions or this writing appear to come off as judgmental or unkind, I have a confession to make. As much as I have done years of awareness work and continue to do somatic work, body work, maintain a fitness I am excited about, I too as an entrepreneur and artist have a hard time stepping away. I get so caught up.

A few weeks ago, my partner suggested that I join him on his business trip to Miami. My intention was to step away from the cycle of sameness in order to see where I have become stuck or too comfortable. Not to say comfort is not something I aim for, but when it comes at the cost of stagnation or loss of capital L, Love, then I find that to sit in discomfort and contraction for a little bit is exactly what I ought to do. And, this past week was just that. In all honesty, I would not have planned this for myself during the busiest time for wellness professionals, January! But, I was depleted and this was necessary. I also like to practice what I preach.

Although I get to live about 23 miles from the Pacific Ocean, I do not have the luxury of visiting it during what I deem as the most optimal time of the day. Morning time! The equilibrium my heart and mind receive by staring into the horizon of the ocean, and what it does for my soul is priceless. I too found that I was unable to fully disconnect. Yet knowing the benefits of stepping away from it all and retreating, as I used to do it more often when I was not a small business, brick and mortar studio owner, I made sure I restrained from work a little bit each day during the week. I find it more difficult now, but still mapping out how that looks likes.

Here are four of my personal insights from this week that surfaced, which inspired me to write this piece on why taking some time off matters.

  1. I realized some habits had resurfaced, which were causing mental and emotional blockages. Notice, how I am not labeling them as bad or unhealthy habits. They simply were no longer serving me, yet in the past they have. So to use a derogatory language on habits also does not serve. When we step away from our normal routine with the intention of observing, we may see more clearly. And what better waythan a clearer way to see reality.

  2. Connecting to the natural world, whether is through foods or simply being in nature does a body good. Nature can regenerate many positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity and can facilitate concentration. By offering the body unprocessed foods and ones that are plant-based even if its temporary, may promote hormonal balance. This in turn, can help us see things more clearly.

  3. I find that my overthinking mind kills my creativity and joy in discovering new things that may add richness to my mind. I never take time off with the intention of becoming more productive or more creative, but time and again, I have noticed that this is what happens. To step away from the sameness, it helps us rediscover our creativity or at least brings to light what has been avoided.

  4. To me emotional health goes hand in hand with mental health and physical health. When something is off, I try to see where I am repressing emotions or relating to them in a way that is futile and no longer serving. We tend to repeat cycles of emotional and nervous system dysregulation. Taking some time off also helps us put a magnifying glass to deep seated issues. I find that I often avoid stepping away to not deal with them. And, on the contrary, when I finally reach a resolution (or complete a stress cycle) and I am content, it feels damn good. I have found that retreating and nourishing my soul, body and mind is what brings it all home for me.

All that said, Pür Joy experiences and retreats which I carefully design and curate, is a week off for you with that in mind. Our upcoming retreat to a farm near Barcelona is intended to support your rest, and connect to your sensory organs to connect more intimately to self, to others, the natural world, to art, wine, and whatever brings joy and love to your heart center. A great opportunity to jumpstart or end a euro trip.

We will have a daily yoga practice which will consist mostly of somatic and yoga therapy. Our three daily chef prepared meals will be nourishing and you may choose as much or as little adventure as you need. To learn more about this experience, visit

And, I am here at the studio to support you in your emotional healing journey through the many services we offer. May you find a moment to step off the hamster wheel.

Life will go on and you will be better for it once you return. Promise!

With love,

Armen M

Creator of Pür Joy


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