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Full Moon Sound Baths in Los Feliz For The Curious Heart

Leave your bathing suit at home folks, its not that kind of bath.

One of our intentions at Pür Joy Yoga is to bring people together for community healing sessions. Although doing the grand work in solitude is noteworthy and a courageous step towards inner peace, the collective effort and that of seeing and hearing each other is a necessary component to individual healing. At least, that's what we have found to be a sustainable way to keep going when the going gets tough.

Since opening our space in April, we have had two full moon sound baths and meditation. On July 13th, we had the space full for the Super Buck Moon session. The full moon of July is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of the male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by. These sessions are often thematic and relatable to folks at all levels of their meditation practice. As we set our intentions and release what no longer serves, we come together in community to share space and expand.

Complete beginners are welcome!

When you arrive into our space for any event we urge you to come as you are. Come with curiosity and leave with connections. The intention behind our sound baths at Pür Joy is to soothe the nervous system and have a collective experience. Connection is at the core of our space here and we can not wait to welcome you home.

The format is as follows:

We begin with an opening and closing ceremony and meditation led by Armen Menechyan. The sound bath is led by Maria Alaverdyan, a certified yoga teacher, who found a deep interest in the healing properties of crystal bowl sound baths in her own healing and cleaning of energetic pathways. We have some tea and snacks for you after the sound bath as we close the session with a moment to see and hear each other. Participating verbally is fully optional. You may dip out right after the experience if you wish to carry the reverberations of the practice in solitude.

A crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes, to lull you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. A way to balance physical, emotional and mental bodies and restore a sense of harmony this experience is recommended for all bodies.

We hope to offer this seasonally for nowand as our resources allow, make it a monthly practice. Stay tuned for the fall moon session. We'd love to have you there.

Note: sound baths may not be recommended during pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures, or some mental health conditions. This experience may cause discomfort in people with hearing aids or hearing impairment.



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