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Think Tarot, but let's call it by its name... Armenian Coffee Cup Divination

There is a sacredness about this traditional practice that has remained so underground, often taboo, yet we are bringing it into sacred public spaces with pure intentions. At Pür Joy Yoga, we hosted our first ever Armenian Coffee Cup Divination which is an intimate, soulful coffee cup reading circle.

The vibe was right and the circle was super tight. Most participants did not know each other but Ani Carla, our most talented intuitive and tasseography magician and Armen, creator of Pür Joy Yoga and somatic therapist were immediately able to open up the portal for a deep and connected session.

Reading coffee is an ancestral practice that is deeply embedded in Ani's family and heritage. It’s a major part of her spiritual offerings and she believes that "it is a personal honor to keep this traditional ritual alive as an act of cultural preservation." During the coffee reading ceremony, the seekers set intentions together as Ani brews the coffee, drinking in a circle with a metaphysically motivated conversation. Each individual receives a reading of 10 minutes. It is in the listening of each other's readings that so much clicked for many of us.

Signs, symbols, energies, and many core intuitive senses are unlocked to provide guidance on each path of life. Every participant is encouraged to journal, ask questions, and connect to the space at their most comfortable level.

Our next session is on Sunday August 14th at 10am and we would love to see you there. If you are unable to make it this summer, keep a look out to our monthly schedule. As always, the intention behind every event hosted at Pür Joy Yoga is to bring people together. Community healing is at the core of what we do. Come one, come all. Most importantly, come as you are!


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